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Having built a small business and made a profit, each entrepreneur begins to think about its expansion. And here the question arises of storing large amounts of information and databases that many people will use. In the recent past, businessmen had to buy powerful servers, hire a staff of specialists to service them.

With the advent of cloud technology in our lives, everything has become much easier. Modern technologies make it easy to rent a server and place all the necessary information on it. The server can be located anywhere, it can be Russia or European countries, and even the USA and Canada. Server rental services are provided by special companies. One of such companies is the Master Server, it has vast experience and high security combined with affordable prices. In addition, such companies have the latest equipment and a staff of highly qualified specialists who are ready to help you at any time.

These companies provide rental of various servers: web servers, virtual servers VPS and VDS, as well as dedicated servers. So how do you figure out which server you need? First you need to determine what features and capabilities you need and decide on the capabilities of your budget. If you are not very good at this, you should consult with a specialist.

Web hosting is the cheapest kind of server, it also has limited functionality. When using this type of hosting, you will learn a certain set of functions and you will not have the opportunity to customize the site for yourself.

Virtual servers VPS and VDS is a system in which the load is distributed between several machines. This separation allows you to quickly process user requests, and your site works many times faster. Although VPS and VDS servers are very similar, there are still differences in them. A VPS server gives its user more options than web hosting for setting up a site and creating additional applications. But change the software will not allow, unlike VDS servers. Using such a server, the possibilities for configuration are simply huge. Which of course affects the cost.

A dedicated server is not a virtual, real server. This is a real car that you rent, it’s just very far away. The possibilities of such a server are endless. Such a server has a large bandwidth and memory resources, and they operate in 24 by 7 mode without interruptions.

In general, you must first select a server from your capabilities and remember that over time, you can transfer your site to a more expensive server with great capabilities.

Source: sklad4ina.ru