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create a websiteAre you an entrepreneur? Or mum on maternity dream of earning from home? Or maybe you are a student and want to earn extra money? Then our article is for you!

And so, you are thinking about creating your own website. Your goal is to create a website, make money and it doesn’t matter what you do: sell goods or services via the Internet, or you can advertise, etc. Since more than ninety percent of sites are commercial, it is about them that we’ll talk today. First, you must decide what functions your site will perform. Based on this, you choose what it will be:
• Website – business card
• Online store
• Corporate website
• One page site (Landing page)
• Blog
• Forum
• News site

You have decided which site you need and now you need to decide on the technical part. Chooses a content management system – CMS they are paid and free. Here are some of them: OpenCart, Joomla, phpBB, Drupal, WordPress, they are free. WordPress is considered to be the most popular and most convenient, and it is most often used by developers. But, in order to create a site on CMS, you need to know at least a little or learn languages ​​such as CSS and HTML. There is a simpler option to create a website on the designer – this is a resource with ready-made website templates with a clear interface and simple solutions. Creating a website on the designer is as simple as possible, but it will have limited functions and capabilities. Here is a list of the most popular designers: Wix, uKit, Flexbe, Jimbo.

Next, you need to buy a domain. A domain is the name of a site or the address of a site on the network. It consists of the name and zone in which it is located. The domain name must be chosen easily remembered, not long and without additional characters, such as dashes.

In addition to the domain, you will need to purchase hosting, this is a service for hosting your website on the Internet provided by companies. To have access to the site, it must be located somewhere, the companies providing hosting services have powerful servers. It is there that your site will be located and access to it upon request will be processed on this server. The cost of hosting depends on the traffic to your site. When choosing a hosting, you should pay attention to the following factors: the cost of services, customer support, stability, and user-friendly interface.

The next step to creating the site will be its filling. You must think through and prepare texts, descriptions, photos and videos, in general, all the information for the pages of the site.

After creating and filling the site, you just have to start it, i.e. place it on your hosting. Now your site is available for visitors and you only need to think about how you will promote and advertise it and how you will earn money on it.

Source: sklad4ina.ru

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