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We have all heard the words:
– exchange trading;
– company shares on the stock exchange
– exchange rates on the exchange.

Let's understand today what trading on the exchange is, how and where to start doing it, how much you can earn. To begin with, determine what a stock exchange is? In simple words, this is a "shopping center" in which there are sellers and buyers. They only sell valuable metals, securities, money, etc. Trading is carried out on the exchange, they are ongoing and are regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation. The interest of bidding is that even as a beginner, you can make good money here.

Exchanges are divided into three types: commodity, currency and stock. The first is a market for the sale of metals, agricultural products, oil, etc. The second trades in currency, where they earn on the difference in rates. The third is the stock exchange.

But in order to learn how to properly invest your money and make a profit, you need to learn the techniques of successful trading. The most effective and fastest way to learn techniques and strategies is, no matter how strange it sounds, online or offline training. You can take courses where they will tell you and show in practice how the most popular strategies work, such as: Japanese candles, Scalping, Moving averages and others. Recently, most often they use the Japanese Candlestick strategy, it is simple, understandable and effective. You can find out all about this strategy by clicking on the link http://tlap.com/yaponskie-svechi/.

You can start diving into the world of exchange trading by reading useful literature, such as: E. Nyman, The Small Encyclopedia of Trader; C. Lin, Day Trading Forex. Profit-generating strategies ”; Courtney Smith, "How to Make Stable Money in the Forex Market"; Alexander Elder, “How to play and win on the stock exchange. Psychology. Technical analysis. Capital control. ” I will not fully learn bidding after reading them, but a qualitative basis will be laid, and an understanding of all the processes taking place on the exchange.

After you study all the materials, feel free to proceed with the search for a broker company. It is advisable to choose large well-known companies. With the help of a broker, all operations will be carried out, starting from opening an account and depositing funds, and ending with their withdrawal. Before concluding a contract, be sure to carefully study it. Pay attention to the minimum deposit this broker has, what percentage of the commission and whether they provide analytical data to clients.

Remember! Learning to trade on the stock market is not difficult, but getting huge money is possible, the main thing is to approach everything wisely!

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