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Windows Server

For the correct organization of the IT infrastructure in an enterprise, a server OS is needed. For correct operation, it is recommended to buy a license for Windows Server and use it in accordance with the recommendations of specialists. Underestimation of the significance of this factor makes it difficult to create a unified IT infrastructure and causes problems with a computer park at work.

Windows features

The unconditional advantages of different versions of OS Windows Server include:

Professionalism of developers, availability of technical support.

Possibility of choosing a suitable software product from the presented line.

Low cost of ownership considering the long life of the OS without breakage.

There are other benefits. For example, a number of experts conducted a comparative analysis of various server operating systems on the market and came to the conclusion that the use of Microsoft products is economical.

Graphical interface

If necessary, you can use the graphical user interface to properly configure the server product. As a result, the requirements for the system administrator are significantly reduced. Small and even medium-sized companies can handle operating system customization on their own.

Even the implementation of complex virtualization, in which up to 64 cores are used simultaneously, is configurable through a graphical interface. If necessary, you can use the terminal and carry out more fine tuning.

However, the manufacturer has made sure that it is possible to cope with the basic tasks using graphics.


Although it is better to run the server operating system without graphics to save computing resources. However, for small or medium-sized enterprises, this recommendation can be neglected and still get a high-performance system.

If necessary, you can disable all additional features to ensure the best performance with the server operating system. If you need more information on setting up and operating OS Windows, you can contact technical support or read the necessary technical documentation.

With proper use of the server version of Windows, the operating system can work without reboots for years.

Source: sklad4ina.ru

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